margarita's dempsey hill —

an ode to authentic Mexican cuisine

Inspired by the ruggedness, simplicity, and tradition of Old Mexico, Margarita's is a nod to the country's eclectic past and bright future. With its high-beamed ceilings and the use of decorative wrought iron, the Dempsey Hill location celebrates the rustic elegance and timeless appeal of Mexico's old-world estates. Thoughtfully detailed, this charming spot intermingles the soulful antiquity of Mexican cuisine with contemporary art and comfort, as well as the occasional fanfare of live music.


a social refuge —

With its first location dating back to 1988, Margarita's has pivoted itself as a local go-to classic for family, friends, first-dates, and acquaintances. It houses a selection of specially curated drinks and a variety of exotic ingredients - all of which make up so many flavours that are now synonymous with Margarita's. This Dempsey Hill gem remains a proud, homegrown Singapore brand for over a decade; a social refuge for late nights, casual lunches, and an everyday picture-perfect moment.


stay comfortable —

Don't feel like getting off the couch today? That's okay, you can still place an order with us over the phone and arrange for local delivery to have your meal sent right to your door step. Connect with us to learn more about your delivery, click-and-collect, and payment options. Stay safe!

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