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Founder and owner and chef-to-date, Andy, is the brainchild behind Singapore's first Margarita's restaurant. Along with his wife, Carol, Margarita's grew from its humble beginning at Faber Drive in 1988, and rapidly expanded to the East Coast, and subsequently blossomed as a hidden gem at Dempsey Hill.

As the oldest Mexican restaurant in Singapore - how do we do, what we do, for so long?


Our concept is simple. It is first and foremost understanding and cooking with the basics to always bring forth exciting, homemade flavours. We try to take the mystery out of good Mexican cuisine to allow our guests an honest appreciation for their food. We want to create a sense of adventure and to redefine personal preferences. 

Whether you're looking to satisfy your cravings, yearning for some great (and occasionally live) music, or in search for a couple of shots and lime wedges, Margarita's is a social refuge for friends, families, lovers, first-dates, and acquaintances.

We definitely hope that our guests will continue to enjoy what we do, and that is serving the best authentic, Mexican cuisine!

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